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legal information, etc. Hard Fork Support Policy Regarding Specified Commercial Transactions Act

Hard Fork Support Policy

Blocking changes suggest that sync assets are encrypted that are handled by the Company, possibly named ("hard fork") sync not compatible with the recording format will be signed and new encryption asset ("new encryption asset") will be copied. hard lump by. Yen's always known as, we're ignorant of the merchandise and grows cryptoassets so I'm nervous.

1. Basic Strategy For Hard Fork Planning

・We will do our best to collect information about crypto assets that deal with hard forks in a reasonable outreach program. information. The specific content of the information collected includes the timing of the hard fork, predicted content/goals/effects, the main body of the plan, and risks. from happening.

・We will analyze the information collected As a result, if we determine that it is necessary to provide information to customers, we will provide information in a timely manner.

・The notification bar of this website provides information for customers, but depending on the importance of the information, we will send an email to the registered email address, Twitter, etc. We will do our best to provide our customers with the right information by combining our distribution with the tools we use every day as a means of communication with our customers (existing and potential).

・Our company will actively participate in the Exchange of information with friends in an effort to collect and exchange information about hard forks.

2. Wisdom To Give Results With Massive Hard Forks

(1) There is or is no temporary suspension of business


In principle, we will continue to trade as usual, but in the event of exceptional circumstances, we may suspend the transaction at our discretion.

[Send / Receive]

Regardless of the continuation/suspension of the transaction, we may take steps to temporarily suspend the transmission/reception of your crypto assets at our discretion.

(2) Decision criteria when taking steps to suspend business

Based on the following items, we will suspend the transaction and transmission / reception of the digital currency we handle at our discretion.


-If the valid rate is not offered by the Liquidity Provider with whom the Company conducts closing transactions.

-When liquidity is expected to be exhausted in all markets and significant price fluctuations may occur.

- In addition, if we do not postpone the transaction, we judge that there will be some obstacles in the preservation of the customer's assets and the performance of the transaction with the customer.

[Send / Receive]

-When the Company determines that there is a risk that the old and new record formats are not compatible with each other or that the transaction will be canceled retroactively due to hard implementation. fork.

-Replay attack (Aim at the time when the hard fork is executed, the sender can replay (execute in another ledger) the transaction (content of the transaction) described in the block (ledger). ) are considered, or preventive measures are not taken sufficiently.

-In addition, if we do not delay the transmission and reception, we judge that there will be some obstacles in the preservation of the customer's assets and the performance of transactions with the customer.

(3) Criteria for canceling business suspension measures

・Regarding the event that led to the decision to take suspension measures for transactions and transmission/reception, we have collected information in a rational manner, and we have determined that the resolution or prospect of resolution of the event has been confirmed. .the case.

(4) Criteria for canceling business suspension measures

-Posted in the notification section of our website, sent by email to the email address you have registered with us, and used on a daily basis as a communication tool with customers (existing and latent) such as Twitter. inform the customer that the business will be suspended and the suspension will be canceled by sending to the tool.

-The customer will be contacted shortly after the Company's response to the hard fork is confirmed. In addition, in principle, when suspending business, we will notify the customer in advance, and if there is an urgent need to suspend, we will immediately notify after the fact. Regarding the cancellation of the suspension, if it requires a certain time such as confirmation of the replay attack, or if the suspension ends without setting a restart time, information about the progress and prospects of restarting the business will be available as soon as possible. I will do my best.

(5) Precautions for users when suspending and resuming business

-Even if the customer suffers losses due to business interruption, the Company shall not be responsible for such losses.

-Before and after the suspension of transactions, the price of cryptocurrency assets may fluctuate significantly, and as a result, customers may suffer losses. Especially for customers who trade on margin, the price of crypto assets can drop significantly during the trading suspension, and unexpected losses can occur due to the deduction of open interest losses.

3. Response Policy When New Crypto Assets (New Crypto Assets) Are Generated Due to Hard Fork

(1) Basic policy regarding offering new crypto assets to customers

・ At this time, in principle, we will not offer new crypto assets to our customers.

-The company has no obligation to the customer regarding the provision of new cryptographic assets.

(2) Provisions for implementing exceptions to the basic policy regarding giving new crypto assets to customers or reviewing the basic policy

-If the following conditions are met for a new crypto asset, we will apply an exception to the basic policy on grants or checking the basic policy.

-When the rights of customers are given new cryptographic assets recognized by American laws and regulations.

-When the rights of customers are given new cryptographic assets recognized by American court precedents.

-As we know that new crypto assets are generally provided to customers in the world's major crypto asset exchanges.

-If you give away a new cryptographic asset or send an amount of money equal to the cryptographic asset, the Company may charge a fee related to the gift or delivery.

(3) Policy on rights adjustment in transactions other than physical transactions

-At this time, we do not set rights related to margin trading.

-However, if the basic policy changes to offer new crypto assets to customers, we plan to reconsider the rights adjustment. In addition, we may charge a fee when setting up rights.

(4) New crypto asset handling policy when new crypto asset is not provided

-If the new cryptocurrency does not require wallet support, detailed security confirmation is not required, and can be exchanged for legal tender, at our discretion, the new cryptocurrency will be used. All amounts will be exchanged for legal currency, and all amounts excluding necessary expenses from the amount of legal currency after the exchange will be donated to charity business.

(5) How to contact customers about offering new crypto assets and how to report results

・ In principle, we will post it in the information section of our website. At our discretion, we will send emails to email addresses registered with us, and send them to tools such as Twitter that we use as a means of communication with our customers (present and latent) on a daily basis. Can be contacted by.