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As a new "asset", NFT has attracted much attention. What is its charm? "part 2"

Since I introduced NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) as a new asset in my last article (published on 26th January 2021), NFTs are going faster and faster than I expected more widespread, its utilization is progressing.
(Previous article) NFT has attracted much attention as a new "asset", what is its charm?
There are more opportunities to be in the news and media, so I think everyone sees more. This time, we will introduce the latest topics about NFTs, and hope you can get closer to the "now" of NFTs that are attracting attention.

In the field of art

It can be said that art is currently the most used field of NFTs. Utilizing the properties of NFTs that can prove their uniqueness and ownership in the digital space, they are being traded in auctions and marketplaces (online services that can exchange crypto assets for digital art).
On March 1, the big news is the auction of digital art using NFTs at major auction house Christie's. The astonishing price tag of around $69.3 million (about 7.5 billion dollar) shows that digital art is establishing itself as a new creative field that creates high added value.
Exhibitors CoinDesk Japan
Japan is second to none. On March 25, VR (Virtual Reality) artist "Aimi Sekiguchi" exhibited NFT artwork on the market, selling it to the America for the highest price of 69.697 ETH (about 13 million dollar at the time). The man who showed it also tweeted that he couldn't hide his surprise.
<< Source >> IT Media Article
Furthermore, on March 29, renowned contemporary artist Takashi Murakami announced that he had exhibited NFT artwork on the market. It’s an art that imitates flowers, and since then, 12 more have been added every day, with a total of 108 works on display, and the auction starts on April 7, when all are in stock.
<< Sources>> Art Notebook Articles

In Entertainment

The use of NFTs in entertainment fields such as games, music, and movies is advancing rapidly.
Game industry, on March 17, Square Enix announced that it will cooperate with blockchain game giant double to enter NFT, which has become a hot topic. Many people may know that Square Enix owns world-renowned games such as "Dragon Quest" and "Final Fantasy", so how will these characters and props be used in NFTs in the future? Much attention.
<< Source>> Business Insider Article
In Film, March 31, NFT as Digital Art Made of Godzilla and King Kong The product was sold, coinciding with the opening scene of the popular American Hollywood movie "Godzilla vs. Kong." It seems like it's gaining traction as a new way to promote movies because of its high price in the market.
The Source Coin Telegraph article

NFT is close to us. .. ..

In addition, examples of using NFTs are starting to appear near our lives.
On March 21, two employees of a major U.S. crypto-asset exchange recorded their marriage on the blockchain of the crypto-asset Ethereum (ETH). It’s a romance about building a “wedding” like never before by tokenizing a digital wedding ring and sending NFTs of the ring to the groom’s and bride’s accounts.
<< Source>> CoinPost Article
In March in Japan, Kadokawa Dwango Gakuen N High School (commonly known as "N High School") known as a correspondence school of graduates received a blockchain-generated digital diploma. Unlike traditional paper certificates, it is issued digitally, so it is said to have various advantages such as being able to be managed and viewed on smartphones and web browsers, and Prevent counterfeiting. It doesn't look like this is an NFT, but I can imagine NFTs being applied to these areas as well.

<< Source >> Weekly ASCII Article
* *
NFTs are rapidly expanding in scope and scale of exploitation. In the future, we expect to make our lives more convenient and change our lives, such as managing assets such as real estate and issuing various certificates, as well as art and entertainment.
TaoTao is also researching businesses that are useful to your asset formation in this field every day, I hope you can look forward to it in the future.