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Taotao's advantages - high-quality pricing (rate delivery) -

What are your criteria for choosing a cryptocurrency exchange that you typically use?
Because it is a well-known company, it handles many currencies, has a solid security system, a solid parent company, and provides a wealth of information. .. .. This is a very important factor as it is where your money is stored.
How about adding another "good pricing (rate delivery)" to this criterion?

Pricing and how it works

■ What is pricing? When cryptocurrency
When an exchange offers investors a price for "sell (BID)" and "buy (ASK)", it is called "pricing". It is sometimes called "exchange delivery" because the transaction price is constantly moving.
So how is this price offered?
■ Pricing Mechanism
Prices are delivered by “market makers”.
A market maker is a market participant who buys or sells a large amount of a particular fund (in this case, a cryptoasset) in order to To keep the market running smoothly by providing liquidity to the trading market. It can be said that the crypto-asset exchange market is established through market makers, because crypto-asset exchanges are also partners for raising funds and conducting cover transactions. It's easy to understand if you think of it as a large institutional investor in the securities market.
Many cryptocurrency exchanges raise prices (rates) from multiple market makers, take a weighted average of them, and present them to investors.
Therefore, we need to develop relationships with good market makers in order to provide good pricing for our investor trades. A good market maker has a lot of liquidity and offers good interest rates.

Because of TAOTAO's high-quality pricing

Here, I would like to introduce B2C2, which is Taotao's One of the great market makers to build a relationship with.
TAOTAO since October 2020 Since becoming a member of the IB Group, we have been striving to provide products and services that have synergistic effects with the group companies, backed by the comprehensive strength of an Internet-based integrated financial group. One of them is to strengthen cooperation with market maker = B2C2, which is also the same IB group.
It may not be familiar to those unfamiliar with crypto assets, but it is actually a major market maker in the crypto asset space. Founded in 2015, we have offices in the UK, US, Japan and more and are expanding our business globally. It can be said that it is characterized by abundant liquidity, excellent price competitiveness, product lineup, etc. for customers. Becoming an IB Group from December 2020.
B2C2's processing volume of encrypted assets is one of the highest in the world, especially the trading volume of Bitcoin (BTC) is much larger than that of major global exchanges.
In addition, the advantage of B2C2 is price stability (delivery rate).
As an example, let's take a look at the price of Bitcoin (BTC) when it fell by about 50% over the two days of May 12-13, 2020. Sudden changes in market conditions forced major cryptocurrency exchanges to spread much wider than usual, but B2C2 was able to maintain and provide stable prices throughout. ..

Better trading environment

High liquidity and consistency indicate how easily a cryptoasset can be bought or sold at a stable price in a market that is as large as usual. This will lead to whether the price supply is stable (rate distribution) even when moving, which in turn will lead directly to the benefit of investors.
TAOTAO will continue to improve the trading environment for customers with the support of B2C2 and other covered companies (market makers), so stay tuned.