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Easily verify your identity with your smartphone

What is Simple Authentication for Smartphones?

"Easy Verification via Smartphone" is a service that completes the authentication procedures required to open an online account by taking an identity verification document and a customer's facial photo with a smartphone.
"Postal Authentication" requires simple registered mail (no transfer required) to the registered address, but customers who use "Smartphone Simple Authentication" can use the service as soon as the company's inspection is completed. you can.

Simple authentication flow using smartphone in 3 steps

Account Opening ApplicationIf you choose the following authentication documents, you can Perform "Easy Verification with Smartphone".

<Authentication documents that can be easily verified by smartphone>

・Driver's License
, My Number Card
, Special Permanent Resident Certificate (*Foreigners need to submit a "Special Permanent Resident Certificate")

① ID document shooting

Use smart Your phone's camera captures your authentication document.
Three shots, front, diagonal and back.
* My number card is on the front and the diagonal twice.

②Take a photo of your face

We will verify your identity by taking a selfie with your smartphone's camera.
* Photos taken will not be used for any purpose other than authentication. ③ Real-time check

Check pre-recording and photos.

The difference between easy authentication via smartphone and authentication via mail

In the following cases, we will verify your identity by mail as before.
・When applying on a computer・When applying for a
Corporate account・
When submitting an identity verification document that does not support simple authentication on a smartphone・When the application is incomplete and needs to be applied
You can reapply Use the service by receiving the mail and entering the [ID].