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What are crypto assets? market information Pillar Activity information

What is a crypto asset?

Cryptographic assets can be used as consideration for goods and services via the Internet, or can be exchanged for legal tender such as "yen" and "dollar" through exchanges.

There are many types of crypto assets such as "BTC", "XRP" and "ETH", and there are currently more than 1,000 crypto assets in the world.

What is the difference between "yen" and "dollar"?

Legal tenders such as "yen" and "dollar" have the substance of banknotes and coins, but crypto assets are crypto data, so there is no substance.

Unlike legal tender, it is a major feature that there are no official issuers or managers such as central banks and the Bank of Japan.

Why crypto assets are attracting attention

Due to the mechanism of cryptographic assets, the expansion of technology usage and the expansion of usage scenes are attracting attention.

1. Being universal

To use the yen in the United States, it is necessary to exchange it for dollars, but crypto assets have a common value in the world and can be used anywhere as it is.

It is said that even if the legal tender is overissued and suddenly becomes inflationary and the value of the legal tender drops, the value of crypto assets is not easily affected by it. Cryptocurrency transactions have no borders.

2. The cost of payment and remittance is low, and it doesn't take long

Cryptocurrency assets do not require exchange costs such as exchanging yen for dollars. In addition, in order to transfer fiat currency overseas, it is necessary to remit via multiple bases that store fiat currency, which requires a fee cost and time, but there is also a fee cost for crypto assets that are crypto data. You can also save a lot of time. Also, since crypto assets have no substance, there is no storage cost.

Investing in crypto assets

Different types of crypto assets have their own mechanisms and characteristics, as well as differences in their usage.

As demand and usage increase, the value of crypto assets will increase.

Investing in crypto assets can be aimed at rising profits in anticipation of a rise, or short-term trading if price fluctuations are large. However, please be careful about transaction risk as price movements may fluctuate depending on the situation.

IB Coin Trade will expand services that take advantage of the types of currencies handled and the merits unique to crypto assets, and provide customers with services that maximize the potential of crypto assets.