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WhitePaper TASE_Whitepaper

About future service integration

The old IBCoin service and the new IBCoin service will be integrated into the new IBCoin service on June 30, 2022.

For customers who do not have a new VC TRADE account as of the end of May, we will open a customer account with the new VC TRADE at the end of June.

Also, please be assured that the balance of your old IBCoin account will be automatically transferred to your new IBCoin account.

Prior to the service integration at the end of June, customers who wish to make transactions with the new IBCoin can use the "Easy account opening" and "Cryptocurrency asset transfer" functions to transfer to the new IBCoin. Please proceed with the procedure.

Three easy steps to open an account
Trading starts from the shortest next business day
  • 01
    Email registration
  • 02
    Easily verify your identity with your smartphone
  • 03
    Account opening completed
Your gateway to Bitcoin & beyond
The tools and information you need to buy, sell, trade, invest, and spend cryptocurrencies
Why choose us
Three reasons to choose us
All kinds of transactions are free
Account opening fee, account maintenance fee, transaction fee, stop loss fee, deposit fee, storage/delivery fee are all free.
Both physical and leveraged trading are available
Small transactions can be made from around 100 dollar, the spread is the narrowest in the industry, leveraged transactions can be made with cash balances as collateral, and only IBCoin can charge leverage fees.
Safe and secure security
IBCoin is developing one of the largest integrated Internet financial services businesses in U.S.A. Using the expertise accumulated by the IBCoin since its establishment, we are building robust systems and implementing various security measures to safely and securely protect customers' assets.
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